Community Management Services Group will relieve you of the necessary but time-consuming details of managing your residential community. CMSG will serve as your professional and experienced advocate.

Some of the specific areas of responsibility Community Management Services Group will assume include:


  • Maintaining correspondence from residents, contractors and others related to the association.
  • Maintaining updated homeowner and tenant information.
  • Preparing and mailing correspondence for the Board.
  • Assisting with newsletter production and distribution.
  • Preparing and distributing “status of dues” letters for residents and a “welcome packet” to new residents.


  • Preparing and distributing monthly agendas, management reports and documents for monthly board meetings and annual meetings.
  • Preparing, updating and distributing minutes to Board of Directors.
  • Attending monthly board meetings, annual meetings, and special meetings.
  • Following up on action items requested by the Board.


  • Processing and recording violations of association rules and regulations.
  • Acting as legal and Municipality liaison.
  • Prepare and process information regarding resales.
  • Assisting in obtaining and maintaining appropriate insurance for your community.
  • Maintaining all necessary documentation related to such areas as:

Homeowner and Tenant Records Contracts
Board of Directors Minutes Site Plans
Management Reports Irrigation and Lighting
Committee Records Recreational Facilities
Transition from Developer Physical Maintenance of Common Areas
Changes to Rules & Regulations Site Inspections
Amendments & Resolutions Implementation of Recycling Programs
Insurance Policies  


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